Aldi Is Selling An Espresso Martini Cheese And We’re Confused But Excited

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Photo credit: Aldi/Getty
Photo credit: Aldi/Getty

If you’re not starting to think about your Christmas cheeseboard yet, then why the hell not? A festive cheeseboard brought out when you’re still unbearably stuffed from your Christmas lunch and Christmas pudding is the best part of Christmas Day, surely?

Now, you know full well how important it is to have a good variety of cheeses on your cheeseboard. You need a hard cheese like Cheddar, a soft cheese like Brie, a blue cheese like Stilton. Oh, and a cocktail flavoured cheese like an Espresso Martini Wensleydale.

Wait… WHAT?

That’s right – an espresso martini cheese exists, and it’s all thanks to Aldi.

The supermarket has recently launched this Espresso Martini favoured Wensleydale just in time for the festive season.

Photo credit: Aldi
Photo credit: Aldi

This bad boy is the booziest cheese Aldi has ever launched, apparently. It combines the best of both worlds, as the crumbly cheese meets coffee liqueur, and according to Aldi, these flavours complement each other perfectly.

If you’re in the market for even more boozy cheeses to jazz up your cheeseboard this Christmas, Aldi has also launched a Jamaican-inspired Spiced Honey & Rum Yorkshire Wensleydale, and a Raspberries & Pink Gin Yorkshire Wensleydale.

You can pick up any of these boozy cheese from Aldi stores now for £2.19.

Another cheese from Aldi we’re keen to get stuck into this Christmas is the brand-new Specially Selected Baking Camembert with Sprout Pesto (£2.99). It may sound, erm, weird, but the sprout pesto gives the classic camembert a quirky and unique Christmas twist.


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