Aldi is selling a chocolate wine for Christmas

Jess Edwards
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Aldi is the bringer of all things festive this Christmas. From its wine advent calendar to its gin-filled mince pies, sassy pink gin and, of course, that mega, three-litre bottle of prosecco, its a one-stop shop for all things boozy and bright.

And what better addition to its line-up of fun, festive drinks and food, then a mash-up including two of our favourite ingredients: chocolate and wine.


This year Aldi is selling a chocolate wine as the perfect post-Christmas dinner - or post-every dinner - party tipple.

The brand has launched a bottle of Rubis Chocolate Wine into its new sweet dessert wine line, and the best bit is it only costs £9.99.

Photo credit: Amazon

And guys, this isn't just any old chocolate wine, this particular drink actually picked up a pretty fancy award - the “Silver Outstanding” award at the International Wine & Spirit Competition - to be exact, in 2015.

It is described as "a chocolate lover's dream, the rich plummy fruit with a warming finish of chocolate".

While you're waiting to nip to your nearest Aldi to pick up a bottle or six, you can also buy the Rubis Chocolate Wine over on Amazon for just a little bit more.

Rubis Chocolate Wine, £13.05 BUY NOW

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