Aldi is selling £29.99 dried flower bouquets – and we’re obsessed

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The dried flower trend has been around for a while now, but we’re still 100% here for it – you only have to look through the 2.9 million dried flower Insta tags to see that. Just add a statement vase and boom – you’ve got a new super-chic coffee table, hallway console or dresser display with minimal effort. So we’re loving that Aldi has launched its own range of dried flower bouquets on its website.

There are two gorge bunches in the new range – one muted pink and cream bouquet and one in earthy brown and beige tones. They’re both layered with uber-fluffy pampas grass, soft bunny tails and pretty white delphiniums, so they’ll make a voluminous floral centrepiece for your #shelfie. They come wrapped in vintage-style brown paper and tied with a dainty blue ribbon, so they’d make a good gift for your bestie, too.

Honestly, we love a big beautiful bouquet on our mantelpiece, but dried flowers have some creds that fresh blooms can’t claim. For one, they can last for years if cared for properly, meaning you can cancel your spenny fresh flower subscription. In turn, this makes them a much more sustainable option (fyi, it takes a lot of energy to grow cut flowers and ship them over to the UK).

To look after dried flowers, keep them out of direct sunlight so they don’t fade – and don’t put them in water (obviously as they’re not fresh, they don’t need watering to stay looking good). If they get dusty, give them a quick blast with your hairdryer on a low cool setting.

Aldi isn’t the first place we’d think of when it comes to buying flowers but, then again, the Specialbuy aisle continues to delight and surprise us in the best ways (erm, remember the clothing line modelled by Tommy Fury?). So, we’re here to embrace it – especially when the bouquets are around £20 cheaper than similar options from B&W. We’ll take one of each, please!

You can nab one (or two) of Aldi’s dried flower bouquets on its website right now.

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