Aldi Is Selling $12 Olive Trees—Get One While You Can

Grab one before they're gone.

<p>-Slav-/Getty Images</p>

-Slav-/Getty Images

Plants are a great addition to any home. And if you’re in the market for a new green friend, Aldi has a deal on a great one. Olive trees are the latest plant offering from the fan-favorite grocer, and they're selling for just $12 each.

Olive trees can add a touch of Mediterranean flair to any living space, and they do well in most environments. A quick TikTok search shows how people are staging these hearty plants. In this TikTok from Linen Oaks Interiors, Synclaire can be seen moving not one but two olive trees around in her living room for the perfect look.

This isn’t the only covetable plant Aldi is offering right now. The store recently added $10 ZZ plants and $9 money trees to its plant lineup.

If your local Aldi is out of olive trees, you can get some at other places, but they will cost you much more. Home Depot has 3-gallon, 3-foot Arbequina Olive Trees for $99, as well as a 5-gallon Mission Fruiting Olive Tree for $82.

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