Aldi has launched wine advent calendars and they’re all still in stock online

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Photo credit: Aldi
Photo credit: Aldi

Aldi has launched a range of alcohol advent calendars for Christmas this year including a wine advent calendar, which is stocked with red, white and rose varieties.

Alongside the wine advent calendar, you can also find one filled with sparkling wine, another with gin and a fourth with craft beers. The advent calendars offer a miniature tipple each day in the countdown to Christmas, with 24 tasty drinks to enjoy from each.

The wine advent calendar is filled with nine 20cl bottles and 15 18.7cl bottles, all encased in a purple octagon case with a stylish festive design.

The advent calendar costs £49.99 and is available to buy online now.

For sparkling wine fans, you can get your hands on a sparkling advent calendar filled with eight mini bottles of Prosecco DOC, eight sparkling Italian Rosé, and eight sparkling Pinot Grigio bottles, for £59.99.

If you’re more into your spirits than your wine, there’s the glamorous Haysmith’s Gin Advent Calendar, which is shaped like a giant cracker and priced at £69.99. Inside you’ll find 24 miniature bottles of gin including classic London Dry Gin as well as a slow gin and varieties, such as rhubarb and ginger and a festive spiced plum and clementine.

And don’t worry craft beer fans, there’s an option for you, too, with the lowest priced alcoholic advent calendar offering from Aldi at £44.99.

Inside you’ll find two of each of 12 Aldi’s best-selling craft beer varieties including Stout About It Vanilla Flavour Stout, India Pale Lager, We're Jamming Strawberry Lager and more.

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