Aldi Has Launched Three New Chocolate Bar-Inspired Irish Creams

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Aldi Has Launched Three New Chocolate Bar-Inspired Irish Creams

You know it’s Christmas when you start craving Irish cream. Saying that, we quite often get stuck into Baileys slap bang in the middle of summer, but maybe that’s just us…

To feed our need for Irish cream at this time of year, Aldi has added three delicious chocolate bar-inspired flavours to its Ballcastle Irish cream liqueur range to join the ever-popular White Chocolate Cream, which fans swear tastes just like Milkybars.

First up, if you’re bananas for Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, why not give Aldi’s brand-new Ballycastle Chocolate & Clementine Cream a turn? This boozy twist on the nation’s favourite stocking filler combines two iconic flavours to create a wonderfully naughty but nice tipple.

If Mint Aeros are more your jam, be sure to sling a bottle of Ballycastle Mint Chocolate Cream into basket next time you’re at Aldi. It’s a beautifully luxurious blend of alcohol, double cream, chocolate and mint, and you just argue with that.

And finally, the Ballycastle Salted Caramel Cream tastes just like a bar of Galaxy Salted Caramel, according to Aldi. The dream!

You can pick up all these flavours for £6.99 in Aldi stores now.

Or if you prefer your Irish cream more on the classic side, Aldi is selling a Ballycastle Luxury Edition Irish Cream, which is an unbeatable blend of fresh double cream and Irish whiskey. A bottle of this bad boy will set you back £7.25.

Race you to Aldi...

Photo credit: Aldi
Photo credit: Aldi
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