Aldi’s Launched The Most Perfect Booze Bundle For Picnics And Garden Parties

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

From Delish

Now that we can see five other people in gardens, parks and other outdoor venues, we’re getting so excited about sharing a drink with our loved ones.

Knowing full well that we’re all chomping at the bit to celebrate seeing friends and family again with a drink or two, Aldi has launched the most amazing booze bundle, which features all your favourite Aldi wines and spirits.

And seeing as this weekend is a long one, now’s the perfect time to get stuck in.

The Picnic Pack – ideal for six people – includes five bottles of summer drinks, including Aldi’s version of Aperol, Aperini, which is best served with Aldi’s Costellore Prosecco (also in The Picnic Pack). Plus, Aldi’s low-alcohol rhubarb & ginger spirit, as well as two of Aldi’s most popular wines: a classic fruity Bushland Estate Shiraz and a crisp French Chardonnay.

The Picnic Pack is an absolute bargain, as you can get all this for just £36. Aldi’s booze bundle is only available online, so get your orders in now.

Aldi has also recently launched a load of new canned cocktails. Again, perfect for outdoor drinking with friends and family.

The range of cocktails in cans start from 89p per can, and include the likes of Mojitos, Summer Punch (like Pimms), plus a whole host of flavoured gin and tonics.

Hooray for summer sipping!

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