Aldi’s Launched Boozy Christmas Crackers Stuffed Full Of Irish Cream

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Aldi’s Launched Boozy Christmas Crackers Stuffed Full Of Irish Cream

Earlier this week, we brought you the wonderful news that Aldi had launched three new flavours of its iconic Ballycastle Irish cream. And they’re all inspired by chocolate bars!

And now we have the even more exciting news that Aldi has decided that, what the world needs this festive season, is Irish cream Christmas crackers!

Featuring four flavours – Classic Country Cream, Chocolate & Clementine Country Cream, Salted Caramel Country Cream and White Chocolate Country Cream – crackers each contain a mini bottle of Irish cream, and will jazz up any Christmas table this year.

Let’s get into more detail about the flavours, shall we?

Ballycastle Luxury Edition Irish Cream is a classic and unbeatable blend of fresh double cream and Irish whiskey.

Ballycastle White Chocolate Cream tastes just like Milybars and has been a BIG hit for Aldi since it launched earlier this year.

Now, if you’re bananas for Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, why not give Aldi’s brand-new Ballycastle Chocolate & Clementine Cream a turn? This boozy twist on the nation’s favourite stocking filler combines two iconic flavours to create a wonderfully naughty but nice tipple.

And finally, the Ballycastle Salted Caramel Cream tastes just like a bar of Galaxy Salted Caramel, according to Aldi. The dream!

You can pick up the Ballycastle Cream Liqueur Crackers for £6.99 now.

As well as Irish cream crackers, Aldi is also selling a set of gin crackers. Each cracker contains its own individual miniature bottle of Aldi Haysmith gin in four different flavours: London Dry Gin, Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, Sloe Gin and Seville Orange & Persian Lime Gin.

Aldi’s Haysmith Gin Crackers will set you back £9.99.

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