Aldi’s heart-shaped chicken nuggets are perfect for Valentine’s Day and they're gluten free

Anna Lewis
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Photo credit: Aldi
Photo credit: Aldi

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be cooking for your loved one this year.

If you’re more of an open-a-packet-and-stick-it-in-the-oven type cook (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that), then these chicken nuggets are perfect.

Returning for a second year, Aldi has brought back its heart-shaped nuggets aka Love Nuggets just in time for Valentine’s Day, and they’re damn cute.

This year they've been updated to be gluten free too, a rare find in a nugget.

The breaded chicken nuggets come in packs of 20 and cost just £1.99.

Thinking about it, 20 chicken nuggets is a lot of nuggets for two people. Maybe you could make chicken nugget bouquets. Have you heard of those?

Yup, people have been switching out flowers for chicken nuggets to make the ultimate bouquets for loved ones this Valentine’s Day. And these Love Nuggets would work even better than regular nuggets.

To make a chicken nugget bouquet, you need around two dozen nuggets and wooden sticks to build the bundle. Once you have a full bouquet, wrap the outside with cellophane (no one likes greasy hands on Valentine’s Day), and complete with a bow. Perfecto!

Not a big chicken nug fan? This isn't the only heart-shaped food on offer at Aldi, the budget retailer is also selling Heart-Shaped Garlic Bread, Heart-Shaped Pizza Bread and Heart-Shaped Crumpets as part of its Valentine's collection.

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