Aldi Is Bringing Back This Favorite Sweet Treat for the Holidays

It's truly sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Kevin Britland/Allrecipes
Kevin Britland/Allrecipes

It’s that time of year when wishes come true. We’re talking about when our favorite grocery stores and retail chains restock the most sought-after holiday treats we can’t get year-round.

Case in point: Sam’s Club recently brought back its Member's Mark Red Velvet Cheesecake, while Costco restocked its Traditional Holiday Eggnog Liqueur to make our spirits brighter. Even McDonald’s is getting in the spirit by bringing back its beloved holiday pie.

Aldi is on the extra-nice list this year because it’s returning a fan favorite that mixes the two things we love the most: chocolate and cookies.

Aldi’s Choceur Spiced Cookie Pieces White Chocolate Bar

Aldi recently restocked the Spiced Cookie Pieces White Chocolate bar just in time for the holiday season when we crave all the sweets. This limited-edition bar contains white chocolate and gingerbread cookie pieces molded together for a super creamy and crunchy bite. Each bar costs roughly $2.49 but may vary depending on your location.

This chocolate bar comes from Aldi’s private label Choceur, the same chocolate brand that gives us the advent chocolate calendars we race to find each season.

Fans are already sharing their enthusiasm online for the chocolate bar’s return. The Instagram user nectoriouspapi excitedly posted about the item and noted the “spiced cookie is code for Biscoff,” while others responded with “Delish,” “Gimmeeeee,” and “I must try this.”

A recent Reddit thread discussed the Spiced Cookie Pieces White Chocolate bar, with one user saying that they have “a pack of those in the fridge” and another agreed that buying in bulk is the way to go: “I stocked up last year and finished them all by May.”

Last year, there was plenty of chatter, too. Instagram's adventuresinaldi posted that they found the bars in the "Aldi finds aisle” and one commented, “Ooh gonna have to search Aldi Finds next time I‘m there,” while someone else added they “clipped through a lot” of these bars while shopping at the grocery store during the season. 

If you’re looking for even more holiday food finds, Aldi has plenty to pick from, and they’re all under $10 each. Between the Hot Cocoa Melting Chocolate Snowman ($2.49) and the Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel (starting at $6.99), this retailer has you covered.  

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