Aldi’s Bargain Soup Maker Is Back In Stock And Will Make Soup Season So Much Easier

Soup is possibly one of the best things/saving graces about this time of year. There's truly nothing quite like a warm bowl of the stuff with a buttered crusty roll when it's absolutely freezing outside.

Enter, Aldi. Although soup might be seen as an easy meal to make, so much can go wrong! Too much stock, not enough stock, mushy veg, undercooked veg, we could go on. Thankfully, Aldi's famous soup maker is back in stock and it's here to make your life so much easier.

The £34.99 bit of kit sits nicely on a countertop has four built in functions for your soup preferences: smooth, chunky, blend without heating and reheat/keep warm mode. Want silky smooth soup? It'll take 28 minutes from start to finish. More of a chunky soup kinda person? That'll be ready in just 21 minutes. Speedy!

aldi soup maker

It also holds up to 1.6L so if you're meal prepping or cooking for a crowd it's ideal.

Once soup season is done and dusted, you can also use it to make smoothies and juices, so it truly is an excellent buy if you like to, urm, blend things.

You'll be getting a bargain too - the soup maker is actually a dupe for the Morphy Richards soup maker, which can cost anywhere between £55 and £85 depending on the model. Wowza.

You'll have to nip down to your nearest Aldi to grab the soup maker as it's sold out online already (boo), but it'll be worth the trip to make soup season even better, if you ask us.