From white wine to beer: The alcoholic drinks to avoid this summer if you want to lose weight

Do you know how many calories your favourite summer drinks contain? [Photo: Getty]

It’s the hottest day of the year so far and hands up, how many of you can’t wait to flee the office to soak up the last of the sun’s rays? Guilty.

But for those of us on a pre-summer health kick, the temptation of ruining our morning at the gym is in jeopardy. Whether the Saturday BBQ turns boozy or someone pops a bottle of bubbly after work, there’s a risk of tarnishing our holiday diet in one fell gulp.

But thanks to online food retailer,, there are a whole host of alternatives to our beloved summer line-up.

From swapping wine to champagne and Margaritas for Moscow Mules, these are the more guilt-free alternatives to order at the bar this week.

A Long Island Ice Tea

Swap the boozy Long Island Tea for a Cosmo this summer [Photo: Getty]

According to the online food retailer, one of the most calorific cocktails you can order is a Long Island Ice Tea.

But it’s hardly surprising, as its famed for being one of the booziest options available at the bar. With an ingredient list which boasts the likes of gin, rum, vodka, triple sec, tequila and coke – a 420ml glass can hold up to 424 calories. Yup, seriously.

What’s a good alternative for a Long Island Ice Tea?

For those of you on a pre-summer health kick, it’s advisable to swap the cocktail for a less alcoholic option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself, as your average SATC-approved Cosmopolitan is home to only 100 calories (less than a quarter of a Long Island Ice Tea). Bring on the sunshine.

A Pina Colada

Hands up, who’s tried a Fuzzy Navel? [Photo: Getty]

Yes, you might want to think twice before ordering the holiday classic as it can contain up to 300 calories per 230ml serving. And that’s courtesy of the sugar-laden fruit juice.

What’s a good alternative for a Pina Colada?

For those who can’t resist the fruity flavours, a Fuzzy Navel could be a great alternative. Mixed with Peach Schnapps and orange juice, it weighs in at just 120 calories per 115ml.

A Mojito

Yep, we were disappointed to learn how many calories are in a mojito too… [Photo: Getty]

Bid farewell to those two-for-one deals this summer, as Mojitos can boast up to 242 calories per 230ml glass.

What’s a good alternative for a Mojito?

If you’re trying to cut back on sugar, reach for a martini instead (as it is home to just 70 calories).


You might want to turn your back on the teen favourite at your weekend BBQ… [Photo: Getty]

Ah, the old nightclub go-to. Alcopops are famed for their serious sugar content and an average 340ml bottle can contain up to 253 calories.

What’s a good alternative for an alcopop?

For those with a sweet tooth, opt for a diet rum and coke instead. With 115 calories per 280ml serving, it’s the perfect alternative.

A Gin and Tonic

There’s no denying the nation’s love affair with the classic G&T [Photo: Getty]

There’s no denying the nation’s love affair with the age-old gin and tonic but a 210ml serving can contain approximately 170 calories.

What’s a good alternative for a gin and tonic?

If you just can’t say no to the classic at this weekend’s BBQ, opt for a slimline version instead which will save you an average of 55 calories per serving.

White wine

Who needs white wine when you can celebrate with a bottle of champers? [Photo: Getty]

You can’t beat a crisp glass of sweet white wine on breezy summer nights but a 175ml glass can set you back an average of 160 calories.

What’s a good alternative for white wine?

Instead, opt for a glass of bubbly as Champagne has one of the lowest calorie counts for a carbonated drink. With 89 calories per 120ml serving, what are you waiting for?

A vodka tonic

You don’t need to bid farewell to the vodka tonic just yet… [Photo: Getty]

Thanks to the tonic water, a vodka tonic can prove quite calorific with 175 calories per 280ml.

What’s a good alternative for a vodka tonic?

If looking to cut back on sugar, opt for a vodka, soda and lime which contains 106 calories per 280ml.

A Margarita

Swap your summer Margarita for a Moscow Mule [Photo: Getty]

We hate to break the news to you but a 230ml Margarita weighs in at 280 calories per 230ml serving.

What’s a good alternative for a Margarita?

If looking to cut back on calories, give the Moscow Mule a go. With just 120 calories per 170ml, there’s no going back… Served in a copper jug, the vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice cocktail is incredibly Insta-worthy.


Nothing beats a frosted glass in the local beer garden… [Photo: Getty]

As soon as the sun peeps through the clouds, it’s a sure-fire sign to hit the park and share a pack of ice-cold beers with friends. But the average beer can weigh in at roughly 208 calories.

What’s a good alternative for beer?

For those on a pre-holiday health kick, why not try out Barbell Brew Beer? With 92 calories per 330ml serving, they’ve gained quite the fitness following.

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