This Alcohol Kit Means You Can Make Any Spirit From Just One Bottle

Anna Lewis
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Photo credit: Hocus
Photo credit: Hocus

From Delish

If you’re worried that your booze trolley is about to crumple under the weight of the numerous bottles of alcohol you have, or worse - you’re constantly realising that you haven’t got the spirit you need to make a delicious cocktail, worry no more!

This drinks company has come up with one single bottle of alcohol that you can turn into just about any spirit.

Allow me to explain…

Hocus is a single bottle of alcohol that comes with a case of ‘spirit essence’ capsules, that once added to a shot of Hocus, gives the impression of that spirit.

Inside the case, you’ll find vodka, gin, pink gin, dark rum, white rum, tequila and whiskey spirit essence capsules. It’s practically an entire bar in a single bottle!

Describing Hocus, the website says: “We filter premium spirits into their two parts: their unique essence profile and their alcohol. This pioneering method we call ‘Deconstructive Ethanology’.

“The natural essence profile of each spirit is encapsulated in our little ampoules.

“Our neutral spirit base is distilled from a mix of grains, canes and vegetables to produce a silky smooth blend.

“Simply combine a measure of our spirit base with a spirit essence of your choice to create your spirit.”

What wonderful wizardry!

Photo credit: Hocus
Photo credit: Hocus


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