Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow receives Ofcom complaints over contestant line-up

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Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow has received almost 200 Ofcom complaints about the ethnicity of the contestants on Saturday's episode.

The comedian's Saturday night show, which launched last year, revives a classic ITV game show, such as The Price is Right, Strike It Lucky, and Play Your Cards Right, every week.

According to the TV watchdog's weekly report, staff received 190 complaints over 1 May's Strike It Lucky episode from viewers who "objected to the ethnicity of the contestants", as all six contestants were Black.

While the line-up of six Black players was applauded by many on social media, several vocally complained about there being no white contestants, and they were slammed on Twitter.

"What sort of country do we live in when people have to criticise an Alan Carr gameshow because there are black people on it," one user wrote, while another posted, "Shameful & disgraceful comments on here about the contestants on Alan Carr's epic game show all being black. No matter what colour, we are all people & have the right to a life without abuse."

A third Twitter user commented, "What? Why are people complaining about a black family being on Alan Carr’s game show? Not everyone’s white in this world. Also, IT. IS. A. GAME. SHOW. Why should it even matter?"

The 44-year-old stand-up comedian is yet to comment on the complaints on social media.

The second series of Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow, which also revives Name That Tune and Take Your Pick, will conclude on Saturday with a celebrity special episode of Bullseye.