Alabama Barker responds to criticism of her 'inappropriate' 17th birthday party

alabama barker hits back at criticism of her 16th birthday party
Alabama Barker on criticism of her birthday partyRodin Eckenroth - Getty Images

Alabama Barker has responded to criticism of her 17th birthday party, after some people called it inappropriate.

ICYMI, Travis Barker's daughter turns 17 on Christmas Eve, and celebrated early with a party over the weekend. She had previously created an Instagram account for the event, sharing Stories that read, "Stay ready @alabamasbirthday" and adding in the bio, "Special performance... date coming soon…September or October, 300-500 people, Age limit 17+"

Since then, Alabama has shared pictures from the event on social media, showing her in a red dress stood on stage in front of a 'ALABAMA'S BIRTHDAY' sign, next to American rapper Bhad Bhabie (yep, of 'Cash me ousside' fame).

While many people in the comments were wishing the teenager an early happy birthday, others were questioning whether the vibe was appropriate. One person wrote, "What an interesting party for a 16 year old... more like a 21st birthday."

Someone else said, "This party was wayyy too grown!" and "Why does a 16 year old need all of this … celebrities are so out of touch with reality it’s so sad."

Now, Alabama has responded to the criticism with two TikToks, insisting people should mind their own business. In one, which had the caption, "Bama, how do you feel about everyone hating on you?", she mouths along to a voiceover: "Why are you asking everybody? I don't really give a f*** what none of these motherf****** think about me."

In a second, she dances to lyrics that say 'This is my life, I do what I want' and added the caption: "You guys making full TikTok vids hating on a minor just goes to show your self projecting, I’m me and I’m more than happy with myself, I don’t owe anybody a explanation for any of my actions that don’t affect you. [sic]"

Loud and clear, Alabama.

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