Al Pacino to star in Nic Pizzolatto's film Easy's Waltz

Al Pacino is to star in Nic Pizzolatto's new film credit:Bang Showbiz
Al Pacino is to star in Nic Pizzolatto's new film credit:Bang Showbiz

Al Pacino has joined the cast of Nic Pizzolatto's directorial debut 'Easy's Waltz'.

Pacino is to appear in the new film from the 'True Detective' creator alongside Vince Vaughn, Michelle Monaghan and Simon Rex which follows the story of a washed up crooner - played by Vaughn - trying to navigate his way through modern day Las Vegas.

Pizzolatto is directing the feature and he's also in charge of the screenplay. He previously worked with Vaughn on season two of his hit TV drama 'True Detective'.

Back in August, he opened up about 'Easy's Waltz' in a post on Instagram, revealing it could be his "favourite" story. He wrote: " 'Easy's Waltz' is an original film I plan to direct that will star Vince Vaughn as a singer in Las Vegas ... This may be my favourite story I've ever made. We've cast a couple other roles as well, and are solidifying financing ... "

After finished up work on the crime show, Pizzolatto is also working on two more projects including a Western TV series called 'The Grass Rifles'. In a post on Instagram, he called the show the most "populist/funniest thing I’ve ever written. And most romantic."

He explained he's already written the first two episodes and has an outline for the series.

Pizzolatto is also working on his second film - 'The Frenchman' - which is an adaptation of a spy novel by Jack Beaumont and based on the real life experiences of a French intelligence officer.

He wrote of his plans: "Since all these projects require millions of dollars, and the market being what it is, I can't guarantee you'll actually get to watch all (or any) of them, but the wheels are in motion ... All of which is just to assure the fans on here that I haven't retired and am creating robustly (just not super-dark stories about murder and retribution) ... "