Al Capone's Prized Possessions Are Heading To Auction

Prized possessions of mobster Al Capone are heading to auction, including his favourite gun. The three living granddaughters of the famed prohibition-era-chicago mob boss and his family are selling of items this October. The incredible 174-lot inventory is valued at up to $715,000. Listed items include guns, artwork, letters, and diamond encrusted pocket watch which has a starting bid of $12,500. Capone's favoured pistol, which he carried on his person for protection, is valued at more than $100,000. Another fascinating lot in the sale is a three-page letter to his son Sonny, written in October 1931 from San Francisco's Alcatraz prison the same month he was sentenced to 11 years on prison on Federal charges of tax evasion, Also among the lots are a large number of photographs of Capone and family members. The items will be auctioned by Witherell's of Sacramento on 8 October.

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