Aisha Tyler responds after tabloid mistakenly identifies her as 20-year-old Sasha Obama

Aisha Tyler responds to being mistakenly labelled Sasha Obama  (Getty Images for WGAW)
Aisha Tyler responds to being mistakenly labelled Sasha Obama (Getty Images for WGAW)

Aisha Tyler has called out a tabloid for “messy journalism” after it mistakenly identified her as former first daughter Sasha Obama.

On Sunday, the DailyMail published a since-deleted photo of Beyonce and Jay Z having dinner at Los Angeles eatery Mother Wolf, where they were seen in a paparazzi photo interacting with the 51-year-old comedian and actor, who the outlet mistakenly labelled as 20-year-old Obama.

“Upscale hangout: Sasha, who was just seven years old when she and her sister Malia became the First Daughters, grinned broadly while heading over to Bey and Jay,” the caption read, according to a screenshot posted to Twitter by Tyler.

In the post, Tyler jokingly shared her hope that the mistake was due to her “buoyant, youthful appearance”.

“Dear @DailyMailUK: I VERY much appreciate you mistaking me for the lovely 20-year-old Sasha Obama. I’ll assume that was due to my buoyant, youthful appearance and not just messy journalism,” she wrote.

The tweet has since been viewed more than 12,000 times, with fans applauding the former The Talk host for speaking out.

“One of the best corrections I’ve seen in my lifetime,” one person tweeted, while another said: “Peak DailyMail. Embarrassing AF.”

Despite the error, Tyler added in a follow-up tweet that it was “fantastic” to see the “legendary Beyonce and Jay Z at dinner”.

“They were dazzling and gracious (especially to my friend @JarrettSays, just out of frame) and the meal at Mother Wolf was truly spectacular. Can’t wait to go back!” she wrote alongside a link to the DailyMail article, in which the photo she appeared in is no longer included.

The Independent has contacted the DailyMail for comment.