Air-Ring Mask Provides Purified Air Directly To Your Face

·1-min read

A company is launching a futuristic-looking wearable air purifier called the Air-Ring.

The device is worn around the neck and surrounds the user's face with a refreshing atmosphere of purified air.

Biotlab's Air-Ring offers HEPA-filtered, UV-sterilised air, but does not help prevent the spread of viruses, like Covid-19, despite the futuristic masks that come with the device.

Air-Ring operates for up to 8 hours on a single battery charge and an external USB power bank can extend performance with no limit.

No price has been announced for the Air-Ring, but a crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to go live soon.

"Air-Ring development is in preparation for factory production and early batches will be available for Air-Ring's crowdfunding campaign," the company explain.

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