Aidan Turner on tackling 'awkward' sex scenes

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Aidan Turner has opened up on the difficulties of filming "awkward" sex scenes.

The 37-year-old became famous for his steamy scenes in the period drama Poldark, but he revealed it can be a tricky experience, especially if there's a lack of dialogue from a director.

"Discussions don’t always happen. Some directors don’t know what to say. There can be an awkward atmosphere. No one wants to say or do the wrong thing. Sometimes that means things don’t get discussed properly. It gets avoided and then the situation spirals," Turner told the Radio Times.

"You want everyone to feel comfortable. If they’re not, sometimes they won’t speak and then things won’t get heard. Those scenes can be tricky," he reflected, before questioning why it's "taken so long" to have intimacy coaches on TV and movie sets.

While he's yet to work with an intimacy coach, he praised their introduction into the industry, as he said some sex scenes can be triggering.

"It’s dependent on the scene, but some can be more aggressive or unwanted. Everyone has their own experiences with such things and in their own personal lives," Turner explained.

"You don’t know what someone is coming into the scene with. It’s not always the best approach to assume your own history is the same as everyone else’s. I think having somebody to anchor that situation is brilliant," The Hobbit star shared.