Ahead Of The Winter Olympics, Johnny Weir Met Tara Lipinski's Daughter, And I Love This For Them So Much

 Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir in Night Court as guest stars.
Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir in Night Court as guest stars.

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are a double act when it comes to figure skating commentary for NBC, where they've worked together for the better part of a decade going back to the 2014 Winter Olympics. With the next Winter Olympics on the horizon, the duo recently had something other than the spirit of competition to celebrate on the job, when Lipinski brought her baby daughter to work and Weir got to meet her. I'm guessing that the video of Weir cuddling the baby while Lipinski looks completely happy can put a smile on just about anybody's face!

The pair, who also teamed up to guest star in an episode of Night Court (now available streaming via Peacock Premium subscription) in early 2023, were on the job in late January for the 2024 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Columbus, Ohio. Tara Lipinski brought the little one along for the ride, and the NBC Olympics & Paralympics TikTok account shared a look at Johnny Weir and baby Georgie. Take a look:

What's not to love? Tara Lipinski has a protective arm around her friend as he carried the baby early on, and I can relate to her cheer at the end after Johnny Weir sat down with Georgie Winter. Weir looks so genuinely excited by getting to hold the baby that I had to immediately watch the video for a second time. He posted the same video on his Instagram account, but his version is set to Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This."

The two figure skaters each referred to each other as "best friend" when speaking to CinemaBlend last year about Night Court, sharing that they "wouldn't have it any other way" that they "are often a package deal." Little Georgie was part of that deal during one of the broadcasts for the U.S. Figure Skating Champs, although she may not be ready for her big break just yet:

The little girl is still a few years away from being able to rattle off figure skating stats, and she presumably won't be joining the cast of great NBC Olympics announcers for the 2026 Winter Olympics... but then again, Georgie's mom made history in 1998 as the youngest champion in Olympic figure skating! Starting young runs in the family, and her sparkly microphone is a good start!

In all seriousness, Tara Lipinski and husband Todd Kapostasy welcomed the birth of little Georgie in October 2023, via surrogacy. The former Olympic champ has shared many looks at life as a mom online, including what might just be the perfect Halloween costume:

I never knew I needed to see a baby-sized version of Tara Lipinski's famous skating outfit from the 1998 Olympics with some skates made out of yarn, but those photos of George are pretty dang cute. Her parents (naturally) gave her perfect scores, and it's worth checking out all the pics in the Halloween series to see the baby in a Wizard of Oz-themed costume, complete with tiny ruby slippers.

All in all, seeing Johnny Weir getting to meet little Georgie was a treat, and fans of U.S. figure skating can be happy that Tara Lipinski felt comfortable bringing her in front of the cameras. Could the dynamic duo become a terrific trio by the time the 2026 Winter Olympics roll around? Maybe not, but this was a very cute look at their friendship.