Ah, Hailey Bieber appears to be wearing inside out joggers

Natasha Harding
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Photo credit: @justinbieber - Instagram
Photo credit: @justinbieber - Instagram

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  • Hailey Bieber appears to be wearing a pair of inside out joggers in new Instagram with Justin Bieber

After months of kicking it at home in our loungewear, it's not surprising that a few of us are officially craving something different to wear. Maybe you're eyeing up cute summer dresses for your next park hangs, or perhaps you're contemplating turning your worn-out mom jeans into a pair of denim cut-offs with a little 'snip snip' of the scissors? Whatever it is, we're ready to bring the excitement back into our outfits.

And it's not just us, it seems that celebs are also getting inventive with their wardrobes. Case in point: Hailey Bieber's latest Instagram photo with Justin. Overnight the duo shared a snap on JB's account, showing the pair looking all lovey-dovey on what appears to be a golf course (note: Justin's golf glove).

The singer opted for his casual uniform of slouchy shorts, a t-shirt, cap and trainers, with Hailey also sporting a suitably comfortable look wearing a cropped vest top and, wait, what's going on with those joggers?

Take a look for yourself:

Eagle-eyed Twitter user, Emilia Petrarca, spotted something a little off with Hailey's joggers: they appear to be.... inside out.

I mean, it certainly looks like it from the way those pockets are sitting proud from the rest of the trouser legs. Maybe she woke up and didn't realise they were inside out when she put them on, or perhaps she felt like turning them the other way round for a bit of fun? Tbh, it could be either of these, but there is another possible explanation.

One Twitter user pointed out that the whole 'reversed' look could be a deliberate design choice, already seen with another brand:

Fashion sure likes to shake things up every now and then. And, while these joggers might not be your cup of tea, models like Hailey always like to stay one step ahead of the style curve, and sometimes that means experimenting with their outfits.

Need we remind you of the time Kendall Jenner stepped out wearing seemingly backwards jeans, but they were actually just a new trend? Yup, these two regularly hang out and likely exchange fashion notes, so this isn't a totally farfetched theory.

While we might never know what's going on with these joggers, I kinda like the idea of Hails casually wearing her existing trackies the wrong way round because, well, I can relate to that. But, either way, there's no denying that she's managed to make loungewear interesting again!

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