I need advice: My husband changed his password to his ex-girlfriend's name, what should I do?

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In our new series called, ‘I need advice’, we bring you pertinent questions that real-life people have asked in publications around the world. These are hard-hitting issues faced by men and women today. The questions could range from family, relationships and work, to abuse and sex.


Today’s question is from someone who wrote to The Guardian. Here’s her predicament:

My husband’s password is his ex-girlfriend’s name for almost every account, and I am devastated. After a few months of our marriage, I came to know about his past relationship. In the first two years of our marriage we had a lot of fights about his ex, but things eventually settled down when she got married. Good riddance, I thought.

We’ve been married for almost six years and recently I came to know his password is her name. It was a shock. When I confronted him, he threatened me and asked me to stop meddling in his personal life. I retreated. But I am heartbroken and burning from inside. What made him change his passwords to her name when initially they were different?


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