I need advice: My daughter does not speak to me anymore, what to do?

Father playing with daughter (6-7) in living room

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Here is today’s question:

When my daughter was young, till about the age of 12, we shared a wonderful relationship, full of laughs and jokes, and hugs and cuddles. When she turned 13, it seems like she slowly started to become a different person altogether. Now at age 18, she hardly ever talks to me. Even when we are in the same room, it is like we are in two different dimensions. If she has to say something to me, it is through her mother. My wife tries to reason with her, but she does not really confide in her either.

She seems to have gone into a shell, and is very secretive. I wonder if it is something I have done, but I do not know. I miss our conversations, I miss our laughs. I share a great relationship with my son, who is now 15, but I fail to understand what is happening with my daughter.

What should I do?


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