I need advice: I have the laziest husband, and I am sick of him

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Woman cleans the floor at home while her lazy man sits on the couch and uses a laptop
I have the laziest husband, and I am sick of him.

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Here is today’s question:

I cannot believe I married this man.

Maybe it’s my fault. Before the lockdown was implemented, I used to wait on him hand and foot. Everything he wanted I would give him — from tea to a glass of water. He was never demanding - he would always sweetly request me. And being the good wife that I am, I would cater to his every need.

Ever since the lockdown was announced, I have had no help, no maids, no cooks — no one to give me a breather from the mountain of housework and office work that I have to do every single day.

I have to ask my husband 50 times to fill up the water bottle before he picks up his lazy-a** and walk to the water filter.

His number one excuse is: ‘...but I am so busy, I have so much work!’

I have work too!

I am sick and tired of him. He seems to get no inclination to proactively help me out.

He does not raise his voice or bully me if lunch is delayed, etc — but he is so passive, that it seems sometimes like I am requesting a piece of stone to help me.

I cannot take it anymore - how can I make my husband understand that it takes TWO to make a household work, especially during this lockdown period.

What to do?

What is your advice to him? Tell us in the comment space below.

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