Age gap couple reveal baby surprise

Despite having an age gap of 30 years, married couple Melinda and Larry Mikla have revealed their baby plans to their friends and family.

Mindy, 27, and Larry, 57, are saving up for a procedure that Mindy describes as the 'mild version of In Vitro or IVF'.

With a 95 percent chance of success, the happy couple from Florida are now more than hopeful they will be able to become parents in the near future - even though Larry had a vasectomy back in the early 90s.

Larry already has a son, 27-year-old Bruce Mikla – the same age as Mindy - but this would be Mindy's first child.

When Larry and Mindy first met, Mindy didn't feel like she wanted children, but as her big wedding day loomed, she began to have a change of heart.

Find out more about their story in the video above.