Woman, 24, gets mistaken for her husband’s carer due to 55-year age gap

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
There is a 55-year age gap between the married couple [Photo: Caters]

A US woman is often mistaken for her 79-year-old husband’s carer because of the couple’s 55-year age gap.

Alexis Tadlock, 24, met retired headteacher Charles Tadlock and his previous wife, Kathy, at church back in 2015.

Two years later, Kathy sadly passed away from lung disease.

Seeing how lonely Charles became, Alexis decided to meet up with him on a regular basis and the pair eventually became close friends.

Within the space of a year, the couple fell for each other and began a romantic relationship. Proving things were getting serious, they got engaged in October 2018 and tied the knot two months later.

“Eventually, I think we became dependent on each other and my feelings really started to grow the more time we spent together,” Alexis explained. “But I never thought anything could happen between us. I tried to set him up with an older lady, but he flat out refused to even go on a date.”

Alexis fell for the retired headteacher after becoming close friends [Photo: Caters]

“We admitted our feelings towards each other, and our relationship just blossomed from there. I was over the moon when he popped the question and we got married just two months later.”

But their romance has not been without controversy, as the couple have faced backlash from others.

“When I told people about Charles and I getting married, a lot of my friends said if he made me happy then I should go for it,” Alexis said. “Most were very supportive, but I did have some people who did not agree with it at all. They became very hateful towards me.”

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“Usually people think I’m his granddaughter. Or they’ll think I’m his nurse or carer,” she added.

Though this won’t stop the couple from fulfilling their dreams, as Alexis plans to start a family with Charles - who is a father of two aged 48 and 54.

The couple are planning to start a family together [Photo: Caters]

“We want to have a baby,” Alexis said. “I’ve been told I’m selfish if I have a child with him because they might grow up without a dad.”

“But when he dies, I’ll have nothing of him. I need something from him to carry with me throughout the rest of my life.”

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Though the couple try not to worry about what other people think, as Charles added: “No matter how old you are, everyone still needs love.”

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