The Affordable Prints That'll Make Your House Look Like a Gallery

Joy Montgomery
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It's now been almost two months since I moved house, and things are finally starting to shape up, but for me, a house never quite feels like a home without artwork on the walls. At uni, I was always one of those people who had a small art gallery's worth of postcards and posters that I pinned up on the wall at the start of every term. (Spot the history of art student.) Finding unusual yet affordable artwork became a bit of an obsession that has continued to this day, and I've loved adding to my collection over the years.

Conveniently, there are more avenues than ever for discovering lesser-known artists and stand-out design thanks to platforms such as Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest. Not unlike finding yourself in a remote corner of a car boot sale, there's a certain thrill that comes from stumbling across an affordable gem on an obscure Etsy account or spotting a tagged creative on a fellow fashion editor's feed. It might take time to find those pieces, but trust me—it's worth it when you do.

To get you started, I've rounded up a few of my favourite affordable artworks that I've spotted online in recent weeks. From antique botanical prints and retro film posters to one-of-a-kind screen prints and pressed flower designs, scroll down to see 23 budget-friendly artworks to spark your interiors imagination in 2021.

Shop My Affordable Art Edit

Little Fine Day White Flower Poster (£45)

Petri Prints The Citrus (£90)

Rahowarth Reach Print (£20)

Polly Fern A3 Canary & Dahlia Romantic Vase Print (£28)

Sezane Hôtel Magique Poster for Demain (£35)

Vintage Movie Poster Age of Innocence Original 1977 (£34)

Fine Little Day Swedish Spring Poster (£42)

Sklum Lanum Cotton and Jute Mural Tapestry (£60)

Antique Poppy Giclee Print Hortus Eystettensis by Basilius (£18)

Aeand Museum X (£150)

Fine Little Day Meeting Poster (£45)

Sklum Palm Decorative Sheet (£11)

Sharan Ranshi Nora in Balenciaga (£80)

Victoria and Albert Museum Mary Quant Rex Harrison Cardigan Dress Mounted Print (£20)

Birthday Suit Black and White Pair (£40)

Victoria and Albert Museum Plate No.1. by M.P. Verneuil and Saude Jean Kaleidoscope Print (£13)

Vintage A3 Antique Style Real Pressed Jasmine Herbarium Page (£50)

Real Fun Wow! Lines/Circle Print (£70)

Astrid Wilson Honolulu Print (£49)

Lola Donoghue Abstract Painting Giclee Fine Art Print White Painting (£91)

Victoria and Albert Museum Bags Illustration Vogue Print (£10)

The Attic Vintage 1960s Abstract Framed Scarf (£130)

Sophia Making Geometric Palace Print (£12)

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