Celebrating Disability Pride Month with Verizon's ADVANCE Employee Resource Group

Over the last 30 days, the ADVANCE Employee Resource Group at Verizon has been celebrating Disability Pride Month.

ADVANCE, which stands for Advocates for Disability, Accessibility, Neurodiversity and Caregiver Empowerment at Verizon, has taken this last month to spread the message to employees that disabled people are a valuable part of our workforce, families and world.

We have discussed challenging topics around social justice, including the challenges that come when disability intersects with other historically marginalised identities, and how 31 years after the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act, people with disabilities are still fighting to be treated with the same respect as any other person.

We have also taken this month to celebrate who we are as individuals. Through games, visual arts, poetry and more, we have found ways to lift our voices and share our unique perspectives.

As part of this, we have assembled this Virtual Quilt. Like a traditional quilt, we have had various members of our community contribute a piece of artwork to the greater whole.

Unlike a virtual quilt, we are not limited in our materials, and our members chose to express themselves in a variety of virtual and physical mediums.

Each square expresses something about the person who made it, and what they bring to the community. Click on each of the squares to read a bit more about the square, and the person who made it.

Written by Tori Floyd, Global Operations Co-Lead, ADVANCE at Verizon