Adrian Lester

Adrian Lester was quick to show his support to Ukraine. The actor gave his voice to the Ukrainian people when he fronted the appeal for the Disasters Emergency Committee on BBC.

He was hailed for capturing the emotion and urgency of the moment. His genuine kindness was also supported by Kit Harington and David Tennant who also lent their voices to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Their collective efforts were amazing, reaching £55 million in the first 24 hours and £200 million in the first two weeks. Also, this year, Adrian has devoted his time as an ambassador for the DEC’s charity ActionAid.

Tina Price, Adrian’s manager, told HELLO!: "Adrian is an incredibly generous person, constantly striving to help others through his charity work. When the request arrived from the DEC, there was no hesitation, it was an immediate, 'Yes, when and where do they need me'."

The DEC also told HELLO!: "We're incredibly grateful to Adrian for presenting the DEC’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal on the BBC, conveying the urgency and emotion of the moment.

"The response was truly amazing, with £55 million raised in the first 24 hours, and £200 million in the first two weeks, setting a Guinness World Record in the process. Adrian is also an ambassador for our member charity ActionAid.

"The funds raised for the Ukraine appeal have been providing a lifeline to hundreds of thousands of people affected by the conflict, allowing DEC charities to deliver medical support, food aid, cash to buy essentials, clean water and much more."

See the full Kind List here

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