These Adorable McDonald's Pins Are Doing The Rounds On TikTok And We're Obsessed

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TikTok has helped us discover so many fantastic things that have enriched our lives over the last two years. Baked Feta Pasta. Crab Rangoon. Approximately one million and one cooking hacks. But the latest viral video from TikTok isn’t so much enriching our lives, but more a source of constant turmoil.

TikToker @pin_story_mania posted a video in November last year which has just gone viral. It shows her opening a collection of mystery packages shaped like tiny McDonald’s takeaway paper bags, each containing a collectible enamel pin in the shape of a McDonald’s classic.

Each in the form of a cutesie enamel pin, unwrap the takeaway bag to find either a Big Mac, a Quarter Pounder, fries, a hash brown, McFlurry, Egg McMuffin, fizzy drink or one of two types of ice cream cone.

They’re absolutely adorable. So cute. We didn’t even know these were missing from our lives, but now we want to put one on every coat, jacket, and bag we own. The only problem? WE CAN’T GET OUR RUDDY HANDS ON THEM.

We’re not alone in our searching, either. Pretty much everyone on TikTok is obsessed with these cute pins. The video’s been liked over 2.5 million times and the comments section is RIFE with people asking where on earth the pins are from.

The mystery McDonald’s pins are from US retailer BoxLunch: a website where you can buy merch for all sorts of TV shows, movies, and apparently, McDonald’s. However, these pins first came out back in autumn and so are now out of stock. Boo.

However, have no fear. A teeny portion of chips to adorn your lapel isn’t out of reach just yet. We’ve done some investigating and found some other enamel pins which aren’t *exactly* the same but are equally as cute. There’s even a little punnet of McNuggets as a badge – which is missing from BoxLunch’s line-up. PLUS, with these, you get to choose which badge you’ll get!

Photo credit: Smilemakers
Photo credit: Smilemakers

Smilemakers - McDonald’s official merch vendor in the US - has a whole range of adorable enamel pins for sale. Plus prices start at $1.29 (that’s roughly 95p) compared to Box Lunch’s $9.90 a pop! Obviously, you’ll have to consider shipping and customs – but what’s a little customs charge between you and your beloved Big Mac pin?

We’re obsessed with the McNuggets, the Happy Meal, the ice cream cone and the Combo Meal. Is it too much if we wear them all? At the same time? Asking for a friend…

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