Adorable endangered giraffe calf born at UK safari park

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Matthew Lissimore/West Midland Safari Park/Cover Images

Keepers at a UK safari park are celebrating the birth of an incredibly cute giraffe calf.

The six-foot-tall baby boy was born at West Midland Safari Park's new giraffe house at 12:30am on 13 September 2022, to third-time mum, Arusha, and dad Rufus.

After a gestation period of around 15 months, keepers have been eagerly awaiting the birth, but as the calf was born at night, the event was captured on CCTV.

After reviewing the CCTV and watching the live cameras from the giraffe house, keepers were concerned that the calf was having trouble standing to feed, so had to take the decision to step in and give the calf a helping hand.

Lisa Watkins, Head Keeper of Ungulates, said, "The wildlife team are extremely pleased at the safe arrival of a beautiful male giraffe calf born on Tuesday 13 September. It is even more exciting that he is the first calf born in our brand-new giraffe house, that was only completed in April this year.

"After a rocky start where there were concerns over him being able to stand, the team worked tirelessly throughout the day and overnight to support both the new calf and his mother. Thankfully the hard work and effort paid off and both are now thriving, so we hope to be able to show him off to guests very soon."

It's hoped that once keepers are happy the baby boy has built up enough strength, he will take his first steps out into the giraffe yard this week, where guests may be able to see a glimpse of him from the safari drive-through. He will then be slowly introduced to the rest of the herd, including his dad and half-sister Emali, who will keep a close eye on him as he's then let out onto the safari. The 'tower' of giraffes at the park now stands at nine.