Adele's emotional tribute to Grenfell Tower fire victims on third anniversary

Jennifer Savin
Photo credit: Grenfell United - YouTube

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Yesterday marked three years since the Grenfell Tower fire heartbreakingly claimed the lives of 72 people and left hundreds of others without a home. As part of a virtual memorial service, singer Adele spoke via video link in support of all those impacted by the devastating event – she has been vocal about the lack of urgency or compensation from the government ever since the tragedy occurred.

"Hello, it's Adele here. I want to send my love to all of you today and let you know that I'm thinking of you, as I always do," she said, looking visibly emotional. "Even though we have to do this in the virtual world, it's still so important to mourn together and remember that night, reflect on where we are now and celebrate the lives that were lived before they were sadly taken that night."

Many residents who lost their homes and loved ones in the blaze are still yet to be rehoused and hundreds of other tower blocks across still have similar cladding to that on the Grenfell Tower – made from a material which failed to stop the spread of the fire (which was started by a malfunctioning fridge-freezer on the fourth floor).

"I think that this year more than ever there has never been a more appropriate time for us to truly exercise camaraderie and compassion and open-mindedness and persistence. Persistence for answers. Persistence for action."

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Adele added that she was incredibly moved by the resilience shown by the Grenfell community and said she hoped they'd all be able to meet in person ahead of the fourth anniversary.

The singer's support has been unwavering over the years. During a concert not long after the tragedy, Adele shared her frustration over the government's handling of the situation, telling the audience: "No information is getting through, people feel helpless. No one knows what they’re doing down there, it’s chaos...".

The generous multiple award-winner also comforted locals in-person when the inferno broke out and shared that she was donating money to help the survivors.

Rapper Stormzy has also made his support known and publicly berated Tory politician Jacob Rees-Mogg for his insensitive comments concerning residents who followed the guidance they'd been given to "stay put" in the event of a fire.

He tweeted, "The government are to blame for Grenfell not the fire brigade. This is blood on the British government's hands. Grenfell was their fault and their fault alone", as well as calling out Theresa May during a BRIT Awards performance, asking, "Theresa May, where's the money for Grenfell?"

Meghan Markle teamed up with former residents of the tower for a community cookbook, profits of which were donated to community projects to help connect locals through food and cooking.

Our thoughts, as always, are with all those affected by the fire.

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