Adele said Saturn return left her an ‘absolute mess’ - but what does it mean in astrology?

Is your Saturn return around the corner? (Getty Images for NARAS)
Is your Saturn return around the corner? (Getty Images for NARAS)

The long-awaited news that Adele is set to release her fourth studio album has sent the internet into a veritable frenzy.

In an announcement on her social media pages, the award-winning British icon confirmed that 30 would drop on 19 November.

In the post, the 33-year-old singer talked about the challenges she’s experienced over the past few years, including a cryptic reference to a “Saturn return” that has left some fans nodding in recognition, while others have scratched their heads in confusion.

The “Hometown Glory” artist wrote that she had been going through “the most turbulent period of my life” and of the advice dispensed by a metaphorical friend who says of her emotional state: “It’s your Saturn return, babes”.

But what exactly is a “Saturn return”? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is a Saturn return?

In astrology, a Saturn return is an important planetary occurrence that marks a period of intense change in a person’s life.

Every 27 to 30 years, the planet of Saturn “returns” to the point in the sky where it was during the time of your birth.

In astrological terms, Saturn is associated with discipline, maturity, responsibility, structure and patience. Known as the “great teacher” or “taskmaster” planet, Saturn brings with it life lessons and learnings that have the potential to bring about challenges that reap long-term rewards.

How does a Saturn return impact a person’s life?

A Saturn return is often referred to as a “coming-of-age” moment or an “astrological quarter-life crisis”.

Around this period, many people report experiencing major life changes affecting the key areas of their life. These can include the breakdown of a relationship, the realisation that a friendship is no longer serving you, moving house, changing career - and plenty more besides.

For astrologers, the period when Saturn returns represents a shift from a more chaotic or childlike life, to one with more responsibility, maturity and wisdom.

I’ve hit the big 3-0. Have I escaped Saturn’s wrath?

Unfortunately not. According to astrology, people can expect their second Saturn return around the age of 58 - and yet another in our late eighties. Is there no respite from this infernal planet?

How might I feel if I’m in the midst of my Saturn return?

Saturn is here to school you, meaning your emotional balance may feel out of kilter. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, unsettled and anxious are all common features of this time in your life.

That sounds stressful. How can I mitigate against a Saturn return?

Woe betide the person who attempts to evade Saturn’s influence. Astrologers are adamant that this is a difficult but necessary period of a person’s life. Efforts to repress or ignore these important life lessons will only make things harder in the long run. Saturn requires you to dig deep and do the work during this pivotal period.

But it doesn’t have to be all bad. Consider your Saturn return as an opportunity to take a good, hard look at your life and figure out what’s working and what’s not. While the prospect of a relationship failing may fill you with dismay, it’s possible that this is a decision that will serve you best in the long run. Rather than filling you with despair, some self-reflection and inner work may well end up being a major boost to your confidence that emboldens you to take off on a new and different path. Pushing the boundaries of familiarity could end up being the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

How do I find out when my Saturn return is happening?

Entering your birth date on this helpful tool calculates your first, second and third Saturn return periods. Not specific enough? This online calculator requires you to enter the specific time and location of your birth for a more specific return.

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