Adele Roberts takes on surgery to get her 'colon working again,' amid bowel cancer recovery

<span class="caption">Adele Roberts shares bowel cancer recovery update</span>
Adele Roberts shares bowel cancer recovery update

Adele Roberts took to Instagram this week to share the latest update in her bowel cancer journey. The radio host revealed that she has taken the ‘first step’ towards hopefully getting her colon working again by undertaking a surgery.

The cover star of WH's June 2022 issue was diagnosed with stage two bowel cancer in October 2021 and had surgery to remove the tumour – which resulted in her needing a stoma, while her bowel healed – as well as chemotherapy. Thankfully, she received the news she was free from cancer from doctors in the summer.

A stoma is an opening on the abdomen which allows for poo or pee to be collected in a pouch outside of the body. They are used if you cannot go to the toilet the typical way, and are often brought in as either a temporary or permanent measure for people who undergo surgery for bowel cancer.

Throughout the incredibly hard experience, the 43-year-old has inspired thousands of people with her candid, frank, and funny insights into her experience with a stoma, which she proudly nicknames 'Audrey.'

In the latest instalment in her recovery, Adele revealed that she might be saying 'goodbye' to Audrey at some point in the future as is preparing for more surgeries intended to get her colon working again. If successful, she's hopeful that she will be able to ‘go to the toilet the old fashioned way one day in the future,’ meaning that she won't need a stoma any longer.

‘Happy BUMDay,’ she wrote, under a photo of her in hospital. ‘I may be down a rectum but I think there’s enough left to blag it and get things moving again.’

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The former Big Brother contestant went on to thank the NHS and the team that cared for her. ‘Yet again the level of care I’ve received from the @nhs angels is awesome. Dr Bhan and team I love you,’ says Adele. ‘You do us proud.’

Included in Adele’s update was the heart-warming mention of a woman she met pre-operation. Admitting that she felt nervous about heading into the next step in her recovery, Adele thanked the woman for keeping her calm.

‘I was super nervous this morning but I met a lovely lady who I started chatting to and she calmed me right down. She was getting ready to have the second part of her surgery to remove breast cancer. Wow - what a woman?!’ Adele then went on to call the woman an ‘absolute warrior’.

The presenter also detailed the next steps for her which will involve more surgeries and the dreaded ‘finger test’.

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‘Praying it’s carried out by someone with small hands because the last time they tried to go there they had to peel me off the ceiling,’ Adele joked.

‘I think there’ll be a few more surgeries for me this year…but do you know what, I’m just so happy they can help me and there’s hope,’ she continued.

For now though, it's recovery time again for Adele with her thanking Audrey the stoma for keeping her ‘happy, healthy, alive and kicking’ and adding that her partner, Katie, was on the way to collect them both.

‘We’re going to make hot water bottles, chill on the sofa, eat good food and watch Wednesday @wednesdaynetflix and the @emilyinparis finale.’

Rest-up Adele!

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