How Adele and Lizzo bonded over 'good advice' and being 'divas'

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

If there's one thing we love to see, it's two of our all time fave celebs teaming up to become celebrity besties. You can imagine our delight then, when we found out that Lizzo and Adele are fast becoming the BFF icons we never (read: always) knew we needed.

Speaking to People magazine, Lizzo opened up about her budding friendship with the 33-year-old British singer, revealing that they bonded over their "similar personalities."

"I met her at a birthday party or a Grammy party — I can't remember where because I was drunk at both," Lizzo recalled. "She's been through similar things that I have, and she's given me really good advice."

The 33-year-old singer slash rapper continued: "We have very similar personalities and the way we think, and we just connected in that way. We're both supreme divas. We know our worth — and we're also both Tauruses!"

Since their first bonding experience, Lizzo revealed that Adele offered her front row tickets to her Adele: One Night Only concert special at the Griffith Observatory in L.A. "When it came time for her performance, she extended an invitation, which was incredible — she put my ass in the front row, which was even more incredible," Lizzo said excitedly, pointing out she was sat with the likes of Oprah Winfrey as they listened to tracks from Adele's newest album.

"It was so crazy; I was turned up. I said, 'Adele's singing like she in the church — she is doing some sanging [sic] right now. I need to give her that energy that she deserves.' So, I was living, and we had a lot of fun."

Erm, anyone else got major FOMO right now?

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