Adele Just Nailed That TikTok Blusher Trend And Looked Incredible While Doing It

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Photo credit: Adele
Photo credit: Adele

During last year’s lockdown, I joined all of the other millennials and downloaded TikTok. Not entirely sure what to expect, I spent countless hours scrolling through viral dances and organisation hacks, all while shedding a tear at some type of family reunion (usually with Natalie Taylor’s Surrender playing in the background).

But my favourite part about TikTok are the beauty hacks. Even in a job that gives me access to some of the biggest names in celebrity hair and make-up, I found myself learning just as much from TikTok and its clever tips.

One hack that really changed my beauty game was a video by user Isaac Halvorsen (@isaachalvorsen7), who explained the ways that blush placement can change your entire face shape.

A lot of us tend to smile and apply blusher to the apples of our cheeks – and while there’s nothing wrong with this method, Isaac introduces another option.

He explains that focusing your blusher on your temples and the back points of your cheeks can help give a more lifted look. One day, I took his advice and tried it – and I haven’t looked back since.

So, when Adele dropped a rare Instagram post on us over the weekend (in which, she seemingly confirmed her current relationship), I was pleasantly surprised to see she follows this popular TikTok technique, too.

In the pictures, Adele looks absolutely incredible in a sleeveless dress and super dramatic eyeliner. As for her contour and blusher, both are focused more on the back points of her cheekbones, blending into her temples. The result? A lifted look.

In Isaac’s video, he says that deciding on where to apply your blusher really depends on your face shape and preference. So, dig into your make-up stash and give it a go – but first, watch the video that completely changed my blusher game:

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