Adele and Ariana Grade just confirmed flipped-out ends will be a big hair trend in 2022

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Photo credit: Getty
Photo credit: Getty

I don’t know about you, but after spending months and months lounging around in joggers with a top knot and zero makeup, I am so ready to kick off this year with some glam looks.

While spending more time at home, I’ve been scrolling through my Instagram feed and racking up a bunch of saved pictures for future reference when parties, vacations and office life is back in full flow – and I think I’ve found the hairstyle I’ll be wearing throughout 2022.

Adele has been teasing her new music video Oh My God with super short clips on Instagram. In the quick clips, we see snappy shots of Adele in which she’s rocking a retro hair trend – flipped ends. This hairstyle involves volume at the roots which slicks down into flicked out ends. It almost gives The Brady Bunch vibes.

Now, this vibe could of course be a one-off – except, Ariana Grande also seems to have cemented its position as a big hair trend for 2022. In a new post on the Instagram page for r.e.m beauty, Ari’s makeup brand, Ariana can be seen sporting a very similar retro hairstyle, complete with – yep, flipped-out ends.

Of course, this hairstyle isn’t anything new – celebs have been sporting this look for a while, but it seems that this year will finally see its time to shine. And if it’s something you’re considering, let us recommend trying it with a ponytail or half-up hairdo for a super cute finish, a la J-Lo.

See? A vibe.

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