Addison Rae's role model struggle

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Addison Rae credit:Bang Showbiz
Addison Rae credit:Bang Showbiz

Addison Rae finds it difficult being a role model because her life isn't "perfect".

The TikTok influencer says there are times where she feels like she has to "uphold this certain standard" but readily admits that she finds it "really difficult" to keep up with that perfect image.

She said: "I think people go through life feeling like they have to uphold this certain standard and maybe don’t always hold up to it. It’s really difficult to kind of keep that away from everyone."

Speaking about her character, she added: "She really finds herself, and I think it’s a really cool thing. I can relate to that, you know, feeling like you always have to uphold this standard of like ‘I have the perfect life! Everything I share is great!’ And everyone has to see me as this, you know, perfect example, and I think it’s really difficult sometimes."

And Addison thinks it is more important to find people who love you for who you truly are.

She explained to Entertainment Tonight: "At the end of the day it’s really about finding people that love you and understand you and can also bring out the best in you and who you truly are."

Meanwhile, the 20-year-old star previously insisted people don’t think she "deserves" to be an actress.

She said: "People have a lot to say about ‘Did she work for it, does she deserve it, does she even like to act?’ That was the most difficult part for me to comprehend, because I do love acting and I’ve done it my entire life, but people don’t know that. In a way, I am trying to prove myself. Like, ‘Hey, I do love this, this is a passion of mine.’ And that’s very hard."

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