Addison Rae shared an unfiltered look at her acne

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Photo credit: TikTok/addisonrae
Photo credit: TikTok/addisonrae

Addison Rae just shared a very real TikTok video that so many of us will be able to relate to and is in stark contrast to her usual content.

We're used to seeing Addison scrunching her nose and appearing on our feed with that massive smile as she does one of her viral dance routines.

However, her latest post is quite emotional and very honest in a real comforting, refreshing way.

If you've struggled with your skin and with spots and acne you'll know how much it can impact your self esteem and despite the fame, the money, these are issues that affect everyone, including Addison.

Sharing a completely unfiltered look at her skin, Addison wrote: "Not feeling my best lately but deciding to be happy with my skin when when I wish it was different."

Honestly just reading this makes us feel really emotional for Addison but we know how many people she is going to help just by opening up about her own feelings regarding her skin.

Filmed in the car, Addison showed her cheeks foundation-free and with those painful red bumps that do impact your life.

There are still so many misconceptions surrounding acne and spots but remember, Addison has the money and resource to access the top dermatologists. Which just shows that acne isn't always preventable and it definitely doesn't mean that you don't take care of your skin.

As much as we want to give her a hug, we're so proud of Addison for embracing her skin and sharing her journey with others.

Here's to seeing more real skin texture on all our social feeds.

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