Add This Herb To Your Ice Cube Trays For A Refreshing Twist

blue ice cube tray with ice cubes
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You probably don't give ice much thought -- but you should. Everything that goes into your drink affects the overall flavor and feel. And if you're a cold drink connoisseur, ice is an easy way to jazz up your beverages. So if you want to elevate your ice game, we're here to provide you with a stellar recommendation: mint and lemon juice ice cubes. This combination is widely available and inexpensive, not to mention super refreshing and perfect for a summer drink.

Together, mint and lemon are a dream team. When the mint first hits your tongue, you'll taste a slight sweetness, followed by a cooling effect. The aromatic smell is immediately invigorating, and the sight of mint sprigs in your ice cubes brings an unexpected touch of beauty to your drink. Meanwhile, the addition of lemon creates just the right amount of acidity and provides you with a healthy dose of vitamin C.

To make this recipe, wash and chop mint sprigs, placing them into ice cube molds. Squeeze fresh lemon juice directly into the tray. You can also include small lemon slices for an extra visual pop. Finally, top it off with water, freeze -- and voila! -- you've got creative cubes to add to your beloved bevvies. It's as easy as one-two-three, but if you're craving even more ways to elevate your ice, keep reading. We've included tips and tricks for this recipe along with the best drinks for lemon mint ice.

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Tips To Make Lemon Mint Ice Cubes

ice tray with mint ice cubes
ice tray with mint ice cubes - New Africa/Shutterstock

Making lemon mint ice is a fairly straightforward process, yet, there are some common ice cube mistakes to avoid. Before prepping the recipe, ensure your ice tray is sparkling clean to avoid any residue. After all, mint and lemon are the stars of this show. And although we've been referencing cubes, the ice doesn't need to be square at all. Ice molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Don't be afraid to experiment and pick the right one for the occasion. Heart-shaped ice is perfect for DIY date night cocktails while stars would add a sparkling touch to a Fourth of July celebration.

Also, you don't have to limit yourself to lemon and mint. You can use other juices and herbs to create different flavor combinations. If you're not a fan of mint, opt for basil or rosemary. And if you don't have lemons, try freshly squeezed lime or grapefruit. Non-citrus juice replacements could include strawberry, cherry, or watermelon. For a burst of color, you can add whole frozen fruits like raspberries or blueberries. All these pairings create light, refreshing ice cubes that work well in a variety of drinks -- like the tasty ones we've highlighted below.

The Best Drinks To Enjoy With Lemon Mint Ice Cubes

hugo spritz with bubbles
hugo spritz with bubbles - Dragos Asaftei/Shutterstock

What drinks go best with lemon mint ice cubes? Any cold beverages that go well with lemon and mint! Using lemon mint ice cubes makes for an excellent ice tea hack -- and if you combine it with black tea, you'll inadvertently create an Arnold Palmer. These cubes are also a great way to spice up sparkling or plain water and can enhance citrus or berry juices as well.

Of course, lemon mint cubes work wonders in cocktails. Give your Moscow mules or sangria a hint of mint, or pop some into a simple vodka soda to bring it to life. They make a natural addition to mint juleps and Hugo spritzes. And if you're making a boozy punch this summer, these ice cubes will keep that pitcher cold without watering it down.

Ultimately, lemon mint ice cubes make any potation that much prettier. And remember, you can stray from the original recipe if you please. So if this article has sparked some ice-inspo, don't hold back. Embrace your inner mixologist and get creative with your cubes.

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