Add Ground Ice Cream Cones To Your Next Batch Of Cookies For A Satisfying Crunch

piles of ice-cream waffle cones
piles of ice-cream waffle cones - AlenKadr/Shutterstock

There's no such thing as too many ice cream cones. These crunchy dessert vehicles can turn from an ice cream holder into a cookie accessory with the help of the right recipe and one simple step — grinding them. By grinding ice cream cones and adding them to your cookies, you'll end up with the ultimate crunch to tame the most intense cookie craving.

Starting with your favorite batter for cookies (might we suggest our cakey and crispy chocolate chip cookies?), measure out about half a cup of ground ice cream cones — approximately three cones — and place them next to your other ingredients. Follow the recipe and fold in your chocolate chips along with the ground cones before chilling the cookie dough. Once chilled, you can proceed with the remaining recipe steps to complete crunchy ice cream cone cookies.

You can even take this tip up a notch by applying it to your cookies for an ice cream sandwich. Using our lemon ice cream sandwich recipe as a base, mix the ground cones into the dough before the chilling step. Here, the promise of ice cream, cookies, ground ice cream cones, and a delightful crunch should be enough to stir up a crazy appetite while you wait, but it'll be worth every second.

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Ice Cream Cones: More Than A Cookie Addition

ice cream cone with cookies
ice cream cone with cookies - Bozena Milosevic/Shutterstock

Adding them to your cookies is just one of the many creative ways to use ice cream cones. You can also include them in a simple graham cracker crust for a flavorful touch, or use them to coat fried ice cream and replicate typical ice cream shop flavors. In both cases, be sure to grind your ice cream cones for a seamless addition. If it so happens that you wind up with a batch of broken ice cream cones, call it your lucky day.

A broken waffle cone is never useless and will work wonders between the layers of a strawberry and apricot parfait. By alternating between scones and bits of ice cream cones, you can create a texture-rich dessert that's way more fun. Or, add the broken pieces of ice cream cones to your bowl of granola and prepare for some serious crunch. Lest you think ice cream cones are only versatile in their broken and ground states, there are also ways to repurpose them in their natural form. If you love cannolis, ice cream cones will be the key for a fun twist to this classic. You'll never have to whip up cannoli pastry from scratch again, and with the use of ice cream cones, that's not a bad thing at all.

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