Add Canned Beans To Salsa For A Tasty Time-Saving Chili

Bowls of chili topped with shredded cheese
Bowls of chili topped with shredded cheese - Rudisill/Getty Images

If you're craving a hearty bowl of homemade chili, you can usually expect to spend several hours in the kitchen preparing it. Between all the slicing and dicing, the required cooking of the vegetable and meat components, and, of course, all the time you must allow for the stew to simmer on the stove, it can take quite a while. The comfort food dish — though beloved — can hardly be considered a quick dinner idea.

But while the slow-and-steady approach will almost always result in a delicious batch of chili, it may be worth taking a shortcut if you're short on time or extra ingredients. To whip up a robust and flavorful chili that can be made in a fraction of the time (with a fraction of the groceries), all you need to do is get a little creative with a can of beans and a jar of salsa.

Given that most classic chili recipes call for ingredients like diced tomatoes, chopped onions and peppers, and a smattering of spices, store-bought salsa, which typically contains all of the above, serves as the perfect base. Canned beans, meanwhile, are the ideal addition to bulk it up and help the dish achieve an authentic chili taste and texture.

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The Process Is Simple And Economical

Salsa-based chili with beans
Salsa-based chili with beans - Worksdesigngroup/Getty Images

Not only will this super simple chili hack save you time, but it will also save you money since you don't have to splurge on pricey fresh produce. Some store-bought salsa and just about any type of beans you can find in your cupboard are all you need. Black, pinto, and kidney beans all work well to add bulk and flavor to the dish, but you can really use whichever variety you have on hand to create the perfect chunky chili.

To whip up a quick batch, simply mix your salsa and beans together in a pot and allow it to simmer for a few minutes until everything thickens and gets nice and warm. Of course, you can also incorporate additional ingredients, such as ground beef or shredded chicken, if you'd like to add a protein component.

In the end, you'll have a rich, flavor-packed blend that's as filling as it is yummy. Whether you enjoy it on its own, top it with shredded cheese or avocado, or serve it over rice or noodles, your simple salsa and bean chili should provide all the warmth and comfort of a traditional version of the dish — and no one has to know that it only took a few minutes to make.

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