Add Aperol To Your Glaze For A Boozy Sugar Cookie

Bottle of Aperol with Aperol Spritz cocktail
Bottle of Aperol with Aperol Spritz cocktail - DenisMArt / Shutterstock

Contrary to popular belief, you can have your drink and eat it, too. Take Aperol, for instance: the bright-orange Italian aperitif widely recognized for its citrusy, bittersweet profile. In addition to being a versatile element in effervescent cocktails like the always-iconic Aperol Spritz, the Venetian liqueur also shines in an array of desserts. When mixed with confectioners' sugar to create a simple glaze, Aperol introduces a delightfully unique twist to sugar cookies — one of many ways to upgrade the traditional sweet.

Since 1919, Aperol has kept its flagship product's recipe a secret. What is known, however, is that it's crafted from a blend of rhubarb, gentian root, cinchona, and various herbs and spices. The ingredients provide a pleasant tang — not to mention the brand's signature sunset color that can be spotted from anywhere along the boardwalk. So, how does Aperol's taste translate into the realm of desserts, specifically in a delicious cookie glaze? The culinary chemistry is seemingly straightforward: The summertime sipper's tart, punchy notes add depth and complexity to the sugar's naturally cloying sweetness. The moment the homemade icing meets the surface of the freshly baked goodies, an entirely new treat is born.

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Aperol Gives Cookies A Lovely Bittersweetness

Iced cookies on rack
Iced cookies on rack - Kam Del / Shutterstock

As the Aperol-infused glaze is drizzled over the cookies, the treats' flavor profile becomes a sophisticated symphony of sweet, acidic, and zesty notes that complement even the most vanilla recipes (no pun intended). The aperitif enhances the overall brightness of the gloss, a feature that can be detected in every tasty bite. As a bonus, the bold hue of Aperol — which is similar to that of its cousin, Campari — augments the cookies' visual appeal by creating a warm, inviting appearance. Feeling extra snazzy? Toss some red and orange sanding sugar on top for a bit of crunch and shimmer.

Fusing Aperol and confectioners' sugar together in a modest yet elegant cookie glaze is a creative way to infuse a touch of Italian charm into your baking repertoire. But the use of Aperol in your baking adventures doesn't have to be limited to minimalistic glazes. You can also try folding a dash of the booze directly into your cookie dough to infuse the entire batch with a burst of its distinctive flavor — without distracting from the main attraction, of course.

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