Adam Rickitt opens up on being scammed out of £50,000

The soap actor has got his money back, but says more needs to be done to combat bank fraud.

Video transcript

- How much did you lose during the scam?

ADAM RICKITT: Well, we lost 50,000 pounds or just shy of that so 49,500 pounds. The scary thing is that wasn't what they were aiming for. They weren't aiming for the 49,500 pounds, they were aiming to empty our entire business account. And it was purely by chance after this two-, three-hour process that I was able to spot the money, which I was told would never be leaving our account, had actually been left. And it wasn't Barclays I was speaking to.

- Have you had an explanation from Barclays about that?

ADAM RICKITT: No. I mean, the one thing I would say, which I don't think it's been mentioned yet, but, I mean, Barclays have been fantastic throughout this whole process to be fair to them. We got a call yesterday morning, saying that the funds had come back to us. Now, basically, in order to get the funds back when you've been sort of victim of an APP fraud, you have to not be at fault. And normally, that process should take a minimum of [INAUDIBLE]. But just because we've got our money back, as far as I'm concerned, that's not where this crime ends for me.