Adam Provan: Met was warned that convicted rapist was unsuitable to be an officer - months after he started

The Metropolitan Police is reviewing the full history of a former officer who has been jailed for 16 years after raping a colleague and a teenage girl.

Adam Provan's crimes, committed while he was a serving policeman, have been described as "utterly deplorable" by Scotland Yard.

The force is now examining his career to determine whether this "dangerous offender" could have been stopped sooner or prevented from joining the police.

Assistant Commissioner Louisa Rolfe said it is already clear "there were key moments where we let women down" - as allegations reported by his female colleague were not taken seriously.

It has been revealed that a number of complaints were made against him for alleged incivility and unprofessional behaviour during his career, but these were not substantiated.

Another concern relates to the 751 female names found on Provan's phone, which had derogatory comments alongside - some suggesting sexual activity with them.

Just 50 had phone numbers associated with them, and work is now under way to identify as many of the women as possible.

The Met has now released a detailed timeline of Provan's career - shedding light on other incidents that are now being reviewed.


Provan began his police training in February 2003 after his vetting was successful.

Three months later, in May, an allegation of sexual touching was made against him by a 15-year-old who was referred to as "Girl 1".

He joined a response team at Forest Gate in August and was interviewed under caution in September.

No further action was taken following liaison with the Crown Prosecution Service.

A week after he was interviewed by police, two members of the public raised concerns about his suitability to be a police officer - alleging he had shown overly violent and sexualised behaviour while he was growing up.

Provan was referred to occupational health professionals.


In January 2005, "Woman 1" - a serving female police officer who was one of Provan's victims - spoke to her line manager to allege that she was harassed by him.

Although a crime report was created, she was talked out of pursuing the matter for the sake of her own career.

Provan was warned about his behaviour and told not to contact her directly.

Also that month, he received a written warning for leaving a station office unmanned.

In May of that year, he moved to a response team at Barking and Dagenham.

One month later - in June - it was alleged that the officer had contacted a 16-year-old girl beyond what was required of her as a witness to a crime.

There appears to be no professional standards involvement at the time, and this is now being reviewed by the Met.

In October, Provan's phone number was linked to nuisance calls that were being received by a serving female officer. According to the Met, this was dealt with informally.


In May 2009, Provan emailed "Woman 1" and asked to meet her. A manager told her to ignore the message and consider taking out an injunction.

"Woman 1" - who is still employed by the Met - says she was contacted by Provan on multiple occasions between 2005 and 2009. This is now being reviewed.


Aged 31, Adam Provan invited Lauren Taylor - one of his victims - out on a date to the cinema. He claimed to be a 22-year-old police officer.

He drove the 16-year-old to a country park and raped her in woodland and in a children's playground even though she repeatedly said no.

Lauren, who has waived her right to anonymity, didn't make a complaint to the police for several years.


In July 2013, Provan met a 17-year-old - referred to as "Girl 2" - after a crime was alleged.

The teenager expressed a desire to join the police, and Provan took her on a drive in a marked car.

She went on to become a serving officer in the Met.


In January 2014, a woman reported that a phone number had been pushed through her letterbox.

Two years later, when Provan was arrested, intelligence checks revealed the number was his.

The Met has confirmed that this incident is also being reviewed.


Provan passed another vetting process.

The Metropolitan Police says this is being scrutinised as the types of checks undertaken in both 2003 and 2015 were not as robust as they are now.


In June 2016, Provan was arrested for the rape of Ms Taylor.

He was placed on restricted duties to have no face-to-face contact with the public.


In April 2017, "Girl 2" alleged she was raped several times by Provan. He was suspended by the Metropolitan Police.

In July, he was charged with rape offences against Ms Taylor - as well as "Girl 1" and "Girl 2". The trials were split.

Provan was acquitted of the sexual touching of "Girl 1", while "Girl 2" withdrew from the proceedings a year later because she was unhappy with the support she had been given. She subsequently resigned from the Metropolitan Police.

The first trial in relation to Ms Taylor was a hung jury.


A retrial over the allegations made by Ms Taylor was held in November 2018. Provan was found guilty of rape and jailed for nine years.


Provan was dismissed from the Met, and added to the barred list held by the College of Policing in March 2019.

That month, "Woman 1" made formal allegations of rape.

She did not have the confidence to do this sooner because the allegations of abuse and harassment made to her managers in 2005 were not taken seriously.


Provan was released from prison in February 2022 after an appeal.


In February 2023, "Woman 2" alleged that Provan sexually assaulted her when she was 17 years old.

This case is currently with the Crown Prosecution Service for a charging decision.

In May, following a third trial, Provan was convicted of raping Ms Taylor and "Woman 1" - one of his colleagues in the Met - on multiple occasions.

In August, he was jailed for 16 years - with another eight years on extended licence.