Adam Levine Is Looking Ripped in New Shirtless Workout Highlight Reel

Mike Darling
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Photo credit: Al Bello - Getty Images
Photo credit: Al Bello - Getty Images

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In his most recent Instagram story, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine gave fans a look at the home workouts he's using to maintain his lean physique in quarantine.

Levine's workout highlight reel, also shared in a video clip by his trainer Austin Pohlen, shows the shirtless and heavily tatted singer going through a challenging series of moves, starting with a set of hanging knee raises with added resistance from a pair of chains draped over his feet.

The clip – which appears to cover at least two different workout sessions – also shows Levine doing single-arm incline presses to work his upper chest. "It's a lot of core work as your body has to battle the tendency to rotate downwards and rotate upwards as you press," says Men's Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. of the exercise. "It's a good one for anyone to have in their workout."

If you're looking to steal any other exercises from Levine's workout highlights, you might want to consider the hamstring rollout, a simple but effective exercise that scales well at home, and that you can do with towels or paper plates if you don't have the same equipment, Samuel says.

The farmer's carry – which you can see Levine doing in the video with a pair of kettlebells – is also "a staple movement that everyone and anyone can and should do," Samuel adds. You'll get a whole range of benefits there, from core stability to grip strength. (It's especially smart for men over 40.)

Finally, Levine tops it all off with some heart-pounding cardio exercises, including jump rope and ski-Erg work, ensuring he'll be stage-ready the moment it's safe to tour again. Until then, he'll just have to settle for playing matchmaker to the stars.

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