Adam Collard has responded to claims he cheated on Paige Thorne

Love Island's Adam Collard has responded to claims he cheated on Paige Thorne and said he wants to explain what actually happened in the video of him in McDonald's.

To recap: in September, a video surfaced of Adam in a McDonald's with his arms around another woman whilst he was in a relationship with Paige. At the time Adam's representative released a statement saying Adam was friends with the woman in the video, and though Adam understood how it looked, he only went home with a box of nuggets.

A few weeks later Adam confirmed he and Paige had broken up, and Paige has since alleged there were more videos of Adam from that night the public didn't see.

adam collard addresses paige thorne cheating claims
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Adam has now broken his silence on those video claims and says he "holds his hands up" and he shouldn't have had his arms around the woman, but that the situation had been misinterpreted.

Speaking to The Sun, Adam said after attending an appearance at a club for work, he and his friends went to McDonald's without security, whereas they usually would attend with security he claimed.

Adam explained he met the woman from the video in McDonald's and claimed the video doesn't show him taking pictures with her and her friends.

He said: "In there was when we met the blonde girl who was like the famous one out of the video that was shared around.

“She actually was really nice and polite and we’d had a couple of drinks but what she said was ‘I got in tonight to the club but my friends didn’t.’

“So what you don’t actually see in the video is the camera goes around and I get photos with all of her friends like that and take pictures with all of them.”

Since their split, Paige has appeared on the Saving Grace podcast where she claimed there were other videos the public hadn't seen of Adam from that night out.

Adam addressed those videos in his interview with The Sun and said the McDonald's video was "blown out of proportion" and any subsequent pictures or videos from that night were "turned into looking like something else".

Following the video emerging, Adam and Paige decided to stay together. However, Paige later claimed in an interview with Cosmopolitan UK that Adam ghosted her whilst on a trip to Bali, a few days after the video was released, and this was the end of their relationship.

Adam has since responded to the claims he ghosted her and admitted he did go a "little bit quiet".

He said: "I've got to be honest, again, this is probably a little bit my fault. I went a little bit quiet because I just needed to process like what was going to happen and if this was actually going to work.

“So I ended up splitting up on the second or third day of when I was in Bali.

"I think we both knew then that we were on the same page and we knew what was coming.

“Things just broke down and it’s a shame because I feel like if we’d have met in a bar and not Love Island, maybe it would’ve worked.”

Adam ended his interview by saying Paige is "great" and he is going to remain single and focus on his fitness business.

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