Adam Brody is no longer concerned about choosing roles different to Seth Cohen

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Adam Brody is no longer worried about only picking roles that are different to his famous The O.C. character Seth Cohen.

The actor is best known for playing the awkward and nerdy Seth on the teen drama between 2003 and 2007, and while he has gone on to play many other roles in films since the end of the series, he has never been able to shake off the association with Seth.

In an interview with Digital Spy to promote his new movie The Kid Detective, Brody admitted he doesn't eliminate roles simply because they're too similar to Seth anymore.

"Certainly, at the time (of The O.C.), I was more choosy in regards to that character: 'OK, how can I kind of differentiate myself in other work?' But now I don't think of it at all in that way. When I'm doing something, I'm not thinking, 'Well, I was Seth Cohen, so I've got to view it through that lens,'" he explained. "It's been a good thing that he's not at the forefront of my mind when I'm working."

And he shared that it feels good to know that audiences still have positive or nostalgic feelings about Seth whenever he appears in a film after all these years.

"There's a lot of goodwill for that character. I can feel that when I popped up in Shazam! It felt like a lot of people were happy to see me and/or Seth Cohen, and that felt good," he added.

In The Kid Detective, Brody plays Abe Applebaum, a former child sleuth who hasn't been able to continue his success into adulthood. The theme wasn't lost on Brody, who stated the metaphor "works more for the audience than me" and understands that his character's story closely relates to his "lower visibility since Seth Cohen."

The Kid Detective is out now.