How to achieve a banging fringe

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Fancy an instant style uplift? Then look no further than a fringe, says celebrity hairstylist, and Toppik brand ambassador, Adam Reed.

Whether you're after a full-on fringe, like Daisy Edgar-Jones and Jameela Jamil, or a parted look similar to Camila Cabello's, Adam talks us through the reason you should be going for the chop.

"Getting a fringe gives you that effortless look, when done right," he enthused. "When you're picking what kind of fringe you want to try, be sure to keep your face shape in mind. Most hair types can be adapted to pull off a fringe - with a little help from a great shape and product.

"If your hair is fine, then Toppik Hair Building Fibers are the perfect finishing touch to help style a fringe. You can add density to wispier fringes easily at home; just apply to the root, where hair can tend to look finer or thinner, to give the impression of a much thicker, substantial fringe. By adding product just where you need it, you'll be able to achieve that naturally thicker and fuller look. The trick to styling a fringe is to avoid applying too much product - less is more."

When it comes to maintaining a fringe at home, Adam's top tip is to avoid styling hair every day. He insisted getting at least three days out of it is what you should be aiming for, as "next day hair" gives the illusion of fuller and thicker strands.

"Which is what you need to pull off bangs!" he smiled.

And although curly-haired beauties may shudder at the thought of a fringe, Adam claimed the look works just as well on this type of hair.

"To control and shape I would recommend using a GHD Helios and Diffuser attachment and some of Charlotte Mensah's Manketti Oil Pomade. To get that thicker effect, use Toppik Hair Building Fibers and apply to the finer temple areas of the hairline. This area of the fringe can sometimes look less dense and sparse, where baby hairs tend to sit. The Dr Harris Natural Bristle Toothbrush is also a great tool to blend the edges in too."

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